Monday, August 10, 2009

Franco Battiato / Giusto Pio

When Blake and I opened up End of an Ear, one of our goals was to make it a record store that we would love to get lost in. To stock it with musical treasures that are sometimes ignored or generally lost in the shuffle of life, yet are so essential. We finally took the plunge and decided to start our own blog so we can go off on our own tangents, ramble, and geek out on music we love.

One fond memory of mine that is burned in my brain is of visiting a couple of friends, Ward and Suzanne, who lived in Blanco at the time. This was the first time I had ever heard of Franco Battiato's "Clic."

I remember at least a couple of mornings waking up to this record playing and letting it open up the day. It seemed so mysterious and lush, and even now over the years I have listened to it it has brought new tinges to my ears. It is one of my "desert island" records. And needless to say it is a record we always try to keep in stock.
Anyway, from 1974 - here is the track "No U Turn" via Youtube

Another record that I have loved, once I discovered it, has been Giusto Pio's "Motore Immobile" which was originally released on the Cramps label and just recently released again (and we hope to get some copies).

This is another desert island record and only recently, thanks to Kevin @ Robot Records, I have been able to enjoy this clip of Franco Battiaco and Giusto Pio performing in 1981 on the "Patriots" tour. If there was a time machine - this would be one of my first stops. Giusto Pio is on violin, Franco Battiato is singing and on keyboards. (Dan)

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