Friday, September 18, 2009

Touched By Magic :The Tommy Bolin Story

There's a new book out about Tommy Bolin done by a guy named Greg Prato. It's an interesting and often sad read about one of the most talented and overlooked musicians of the past 40 years. His life story is told in great detail by those who were closest to him. People like his brother Johnnie Bolin, Jim Fox, Stanley Sheldon, and Glenn Hughes all tell their stories about being a part of his life. In his brief existence he played in numerous groups, including but not limited to, Zephyr, Billy Cobham Band, Energy, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon Band, Moxy, and Deep Purple. After releasing two unique solo records in 1976, he was found dead in a Miami hotel room from multiple drug intoxication. He was only 25 years old. This book isn't as gloomy as I'm sure it could be, and that's a good thing. Most people who are going to pick up a book about an artist they like want to hear stories about the artist. I've got to say this book accomplishes that. It's mostly drug stories, and more drug stories, and more drug stories, but that's cool. I think it's great that this book has come out now while I'm in the middle of one of my obsessive phases of listening to his music. If you don't know his stuff, check him out. Maybe you'll become a fanatic like me and end up reading this book. (Blake)

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